Capacity building workshops are designed to fill skill gaps and build knowledge, confidence and expertise. Each workshop is tailored to the geographic and cultural requirements in each locality. Workshops are usually limited to smaller groups to ensure they remain interactive and give maximum time for individuals to engage in action learning and have their questions answered.

All content is based on best-practice models and critical industry knowledge. Workshops are geared to achieve commercial outcomes.


The more common workshops delivered include:

Unconscious bias

The program explores the different types of unconscious biases that affect everyday decision making in society, companies and organisations. It examines how these biases may impact certain groups including women and other minorities. Participants work collaboratively to discover solutions and design action plans to address unconscious bias in their workplaces. For more information contact us.

Access to finance

Banks and financiers are reluctant to lend to women-led businesses. We work with governments, trade institutions and the private sector to facilitate women's access to finance. We engage with financiers, including the banking sector, investors, venture capital and angel investors to develop specific innovative programs designed for women entrepreneurs to increase their success in accessing finance. The latest digital and electronic platforms and financial solutions are included in the workshop. For more information, contact us.

Access to markets

Export readiness is analysed for each participant prior to the workshop. Business strengths and weaknesses are identified and work-shopped. Strategies and pathways are explored on the best markets identified for each business. The workshop includes guidance on free resources and information. For more information, contact us.

Pitching for international success

Women-led businesses are almost invisible when it comes to international procurement or in securing debt financing from the banking sector. What these opportunities have in common is the need to successfully pitch a business, either in a "elevator pitch" or a more formal pitch. This workshop takes participants through the methodology and do's and don'ts of pitching through a three-stage process. Each participant pitch is assessed by a judging panel followed by a critique and feedback. Pitches are videoed for enhanced objectivity. For more information, contact us.

Access to digital technology and e-commerce

Digital fluency helps women-led businesses to access opportunities that were not available prior to the sharing economy and e-commerce marketplace. Empowering thee women to learn about digital access is a pre-condition to developing a successful business capable of expanding internationally. Digital inclusion reduces the digital gender gap. We work with public and private sector partners to improve access for women-led businesses to the digital world by improving their digital literacy and technical know-how.

Other topics

We customise workshops to meet the needs of individual clients.